Dimension 8400 graphics card - will this work?

I have read the other threads regarding the Dell Dimension 8400 graphics card upgrade, so don't flame me for that.

What my question is is whether this graphics card: http://www.i4u.com/full-review-423.html (Asus EN9600GT Silent Video Card) will work with my computer or not. If not, I would absolutely love if you could point me in the direction of a good gaming graphics card that will work, 0-200 bucks.

The specs of the computer:
3,6 GHz x 2 (Dual Core)
Windows XP

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  1. if your on a crt @ 10x7.........you can run very high at all games with that setup. i run crysis at vey high with a 9600gt and a 5600amdx2
  2. What is "crt @ 10x7"?
    Do you mean the screen? It's 19 inches diagonal.
  3. I'd look for a card with a dual slot cooler.
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