8800GT SLI, XFX 780i SLI

I just got my second 8800GT, this one is an AKIMBO edition from EVGA, and the previous one is from PNY. Both work alone, but when they are both in, and the bridge is connected the LED that shows where the bios is at freezes at "5D" Which the manual says is "Init Initialization onboard superIO" That's all it says, I have tried which card goes first, neither are OC'ed at the moment, and both have sufficient power from my 750TX. Is it possible the SLI bridge is damaged or dead? I have reset CMOS once as well before one of the tries.

XFX 780i
E8400(stock clocked)
2X1GB Corsair DDR2 800
Antec 900

After what was said below I refreshed the display driver, and now it works, and is enabled ^_^
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  1. I switched the order again after a CMOS reset (mebbe 10 times) and taking the MB battery out for a try. Windows sees both GT's in device manager, how can I know if they are working, in the Nvidia control panel there is no options concerning SLI even though the help says there should be.
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