Correct RAM Capacity for HP Pavillion 304W

I purchased a HP Pavillion 304W that was advertised/represented to have a maximum RAM capicity of 2 GB.
It came with 128 MB installed.
I want to upgrade this horribly slow computer in order to obtain a workable speed.
RAM Configurators give me differant spec's for the MAX amount this computor can use.
Some say 1 GB is the MAX
others say that
2 GB is the MAX. ( It was advertised by HP as being able to use 2 GB but their website now has changed that to 1 GB ?
PNY, Corsair & others still show 2 GB. Kingston & Crucial show 1 GB.
Naturally I want to install the most possible as this thing is a " turtle ".
I also don't want to damage the machine.
Please tell me what is the MAX RAM that I can safely install.
OS: Windows XP SP2
CPU: 1.53 GHz AMD Athlon 1800+ Socket A
VIA ProSavage DDR KM266 Chipset
266MHz FSB
2 RAM Slots
Thank you
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  1. You are right, there are conflicting specs on max capacity.
    However, WinXP will work just fine if you use 2x512 pc2100 ram.
    This will prevent thrashing the paging swap file and speed things up as well as possible for about $30.
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