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I have a 100GB USB hard drive. It has 4 partitions. I had it plugged into my PC with Win XP running on it. After removing the USB drive by properly stopping it I plugged it on another PC also running Win XP. All the 4 partitions were detected and assigned drive letters but each of these shows as not formatte00GB USB hard drived. When I unplugged and returned the USB hard drive back to the previous PC it showed 3 of the partitions as as unformatted drives and only one drive had the data accessible. Checked on different computers PC/Laptop and only the same partition is accessible while the other partitions show as unformatted. Please help as have my work files organised in each partition and have no other backup. I can retrieve files using Data retreival softwares but they show 1000's of files some good and some bad with same names repetitions.
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  1. try to access it from any live os, it may helps some times..
    i recommend Hiren's Boot cd which has live xp & lot of useful tools
  2. try hiren
    download and boot from the CD
    partition recovery, recovers all your files "in place", i.e all files are restored as they were

    try the partition recovery software on hiren, it has helped me many times in similar situations
  3. Well, you can try various data recovery software available but recovery software retrieves many updates of the same files plus you might get swamped by many more files then that are actually present. Also cannot retrieve presentations,applications etc. with these software. So in my opinion consulting data recovery experts is a better option. Consulting doesn't cost at all !
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