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I currently have two 8800GT in SLI, and I am starting to OC them, and have them running at 680/980 core/mem. I'm wondering what is a safe place to level off for the core/mem clocks. I know the core is safe a 720 because of EVGA's akimbo edition which also has a 1000 memory clock, but how much more can it go before long term becomes an issue? and is there a limit on the shader, or is it ok aslong as it's in sync with the core?

By next week both will have AKIMBO coolers, where as now only one has one which gives it a 5-10 C difference.
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  1. There is a big difference between a stock card and A heavily Factory OCed card. They Hand pick the cards that can handle higher clocks at lower voltage and temperatures for the factory cards. But you have a nice OC, and I would press on if it is completely stable and withing a safe temp range. Also, they do not limit how far you can clock the shaders, and it does not have to be in sync with the core.
  2. When I was at 720/1000 and had the shaders at 1750 it started to artifact in COD4 10 minutes in. The non-akimbo card was at 56 C, and the akimbo card was in the mid fourties........is this a limit to the card, because I know the card can run hotter, it used to run at 60-70 during load at 650/950 before I got my Antec 900.
  3. Could be a lack of power or voltage, or just the limit of the card.
  4. I should hope it isn't power lol. I'm running and E8400, XFX 780i, and a Corsair 750TX. I'm gonna wait on the second cooler to go past 680/980.
  5. Still, that is a great OC. Good luck with the new cooler!
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