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Alright. I have a Decent i5 system, its done everything I've wanted to,but I bought G.Skill F3-16000CL9D-4GB Ripjaws, and My mobo is Qualified....Gigabyte GA-P55-UD4P. I want to reach 2000, I'm using the stock Cooler, the Case is a custom one from NCIX, where i bought it, its got 3 120mm Fans, and my HX-1000 is giving the power I need. Every time i turn the XMP on in the BIOS (F5) It raises the i5 to 2.80 Ghz, so i leave it save the BIOS and boot up, idle temp, from HWMonitor are 58-62 Celsius, and when i boot up Crysis Warhead, 10 minutes in, if not less the whole computer shuts down, it doesn't turn on again, I look at the temperature when i booted up, it was reading 85. So Is XMP causing this? If So How can I but my ram to 2000 but have lower CPU temperatures, and if i Put CPU to 2.60 Ghz, same issue, but CPU is even hotter, its an i5-750 ...And Now CPU-Z Is reading my CPU Freq as 1199 mhz...Anyways any help would be greatly appreciated. ...
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  1. First - You need to solve your Temp Problems!!!
    Have almost identical system - My Ripjaws are CL7 and am using a Zalman 9700 (I5-750 w/P55-UD4P MB). From the get go, before loading windows 7 I set the XMP profile to 1 and used, Monitored temps in bios for 30 min, used bootable Memtest CD and checked memory for an hour. (Short I know). The XMP profile set Bclk to 160 and multiplier to 17. Used HWMonitor my idle temps for the four Cores where 29 -> 30 C. Raising multiplier to 20 (20 x 160 = 3.2 GHz) did not effect idle temps but by a couple of degrees. With an Idle temp of 58 C your LOAD temps are going to be excessive. NOTE: even your stock cooler should be fine for 3.2 GHz.

    My "Load" temps with bclk set to 200 (Used easytune 6 to OC to 3.8 GHz) are 68 - 70 C.

    In Ref to your statement, "OC memory to 2000" ??? - Leave memory set to Profile 1 and auto if possible. You want to OC the CPU. and Get STABLE under a full load (ie run prime 95 while watching your core temps.

    Added: There are several threads on I5-750 temps (and OCing). ie
  2. Alright. I tried what you did. Idle temps still around 52-58. And Prime95 I ran An IFT for Max power, etc. and a ran for 2 minutes, and load temps ran at 92, through HWMonitor, BTW I have Windows 7 Pro 64-bit clean install. I installed this a few weeks ago because of driver issues. Im Not Sure What to do. I'll check my Fan I have some Arctic Silver On it. That brought down the idle temp from 65s to 52s. Any Help Would be Greatly Appreciated.

    EDIT: I've been idling for the last 10 minutes, and temperatures are around 38-42. WITH NO XMP and I downgraded BIOS verision back to F3 it was on F5 for some issues I had with my iPhone. Im going to leave it idling for the next 20 and check the average and minimum.

    EDIT 2: Average is 40 C and highest is 45 and lowest 36 C
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    Pretty sure your temp problem is your stock intel HSF.
    (note it is not uncommon for the temp to very while at idle - Normally do to background programs kicking in and out. Also under heavy load the individual cores may differ ( seen some post with as much as 5 C variance between cores - mine were with in 2 C).

    (1) leave everything at stock untill temp issue is solved.

    (2) Not sure what My BIOS version is, I normally upgrade to the latest (pretty sure its currently using F4, I see they cameout with a F6). I will not be home until 2 Jan to check my rig.

    (3) With reference to intel stock HSF. I learned my lesson with my E6400 (OC @ 3.2 GHz). I did not even enstall it - I will always use a HSF with a backing plate and install it before installing the MB into the case. Many have a problem getting the 4 legs locked correctly so that they are all at the same tension. (you can do a search on intel HSF for current versions of Procs.

    (4) Need to look at the temps in relationship to your ambient (room) temps, at idle there should not be a big diff. ie if room temp is 22 C, your idle temp should be approx 30 C (really Good HSF and case will only be a couple of degees above ambient). For stock at load look for about an 18 C delta (approx 50 C).
  4. Im doing the first thing, alright. I look at a V8 by Coolermaster, or a good HSF, my case has good Venting, and my room temp is around 24 C but it is near a wall but i'm keep it far enough to vent. Ill look at memoryexpress, and see what they have, if not I'll look at NCIX, and they'll ship it here. Just need this issue solved. I thought i solved it..but hell this isn't right. Ill open up my case and make sure my HSF is installed properly, cause i had issues putting it back in ..when I put the thermal solution.

    EDIT: (1) - Alright I Opened my case, Looks like the HSF Wasn't mounted properly (Thats a shock!) Well actually one of the pins was bent. So I got my dad to put it back in, cause he does stuff similar to this all day, hes a Anyways I got it up and my idling is still the same.

    (2) - Im looking at the Intel Core i5 750 Drop Down..Temperatures, not the Temperatures ...TMPIN0,1,2 and such.

    (3) Any Other suggestions? Before I Bring Out The Cash?
  5. You did put new heat sink component on - RIGHT

    Try CPUID HWMonitor - Unless they fixed the +5/+12 V, ignore them, But pretty good for monitoring core temps. Run and leave up, then run prime95 for a load - monitor temps.

    You might look through some of the posts on HSF's for I5-750, or i7-8xx. Should be one for 30 > 40 bucks (Better than my zalman 9700 and cheaper)
  6. Alright. Well No I'm Stilling Using the STOCK HSF, but i recently put some Arctic Silver to fix the problem, it only lowered 5 degrees. I'll leave my computer on idle overnight, and look at the min and max. And When I Wake up I'll Use Prime95 Ill Monitor temp.
    I found a few, but I'm not sure. Could you send me a PM with a link or two? Of Decent HSF

    EDIT: I left the computer on idling for 12 hours. But Bittorrent was open...w.e anyways my HWMonitor Max says 48 and my Min. is 36 C. My TEMPIN0 TEMPIN1 and TEMPIN2
    Read : MIN 25 and Max of 51. (BIOS SPECS ARE DEFAULT)
  7. RetiredChief said:

    Thanks Im going for the Hyper 212 Its at my local store, but they dont seem to have any instock. So Ill get one of those, and hopefully It will solve the problem.
    My Video Card (GTX 275) Idles Around 30.

    EDIT: PROBLEM RESOLVED. I bought t he 212 Plus for 35 Bucks At M.E. and It took me around an hour to install, but now its installed, HWMonitor is open and my computer was on with itunes booting and i look at temps....26 average, my room is 23. I'll turn on XMP tomorrow morning, and see how it goes. THANK YOU RetiredChef. Next Time I Have An Issue Its Toms Hardware, before anything.

    EDIT 2: Alright Its Tomorrow Now :P and Idling test went tremendous. Temperatures are now at 32 (average Idling) with the CPU clocked @ 3.2 Ghz and Idling.
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