Restore Intel Matrix with RAID0 and RAID1

I have 2 seagate of 1T each for the past two years, setup using bother raid0 and raid1, via the intel Matrix controller. 30+30gb for RAID0 and 900 for RAID1.
This morning one of the disks failed and went straight to the shop to replace it. I installed it into the computer and the BIOS didn't have any problem detecting it and I am already restoring the RAID1 data within winXP.
The RAID0 though is still flagged as failed. I know I can't restore its data and I don't really care. But how should I set this partition again? Can I do it after the rebuild of the RAID1?

thank you
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  1. I don' t know how Intel MatrixRAID setup works exactly. But you should be able to re-create the RAID0 portion.

    Normal RAID controllers only work with full disks; while Intel MatrixRAID can use 'partitions' to mix different RAID versions. Since i haven't used this solution before, i can't help you with what exactly to do.

    Whatever you do, be careful on your RAID1. Also, i assume that you do not have a backup? You may want to reconsider your RAID setup, and use two separate disks instead and focus on a backup. A backup is worth many times the protection RAID can offer. RAID can never replace a backup solution.
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