Final Choice before purchase?

This is the best my motherboard can do until i build a new computer...but which of these cards is the best the 8600 gt or 8600 gts??

Current Specs:

Motherboard = Asrock 775Dual-880 Pro
Intel (R)
Pentium 4 3.00 GHz
2.99GHz 2GB of RAM (DDR 2 PC2 4200)
Current Graphics Card = Matrox Graphics Millenium II PCI
Power Supply = Model LC-8460BTX, 450W
Windows XP Professional
Direct X 9.C
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  1. What do you mean, that is the best your mobo can do? You have a PCIE slot on it. The more likely limit is your PSU; I'm not sure it would safely handle much more than an 8600GT. The 9500GT or HD4670 don't need an auxilliary power connector either, so one of those would be better.
  2. I chose those because on the manufacturer page says it supports as much as 8600 i'm not sure any further details would be appreciated
  3. Manufacturer...ASRock? Their link is now broken. In any case, the limiting factor would be power. A 9500GT would perform similarly to an 8600GTS, and an HD4670 would be a LOT better. Both of those use less power than an 8600GTS.
  4. Those aren't long cards; they should fit in your case with no problems.
  5. My suggestion is not to get any of those cards. You can pick up a 9600gt 512-MB card for $85 bucks and free shipping from
    Spend the extra $10 bucks and get a card almost as fast as the 8800gt/9800gt.
  6. Just to notify, shuttle came out with a form factor pc that handled a gtx 280 on a 450 watt psu. IMO your psu should be able to handle anything up to a 8800gt/9800gt.

    EDIT: Sorry, I should have read your system specs thoroughly. It would be safer to go for a 8600/9600 instead of my suggested 8800gt as your processor will be a bit of a bottleneck.
  7. the problem is the card Crowheart27us suggested it's too long to fit inside my case
  8. A 4670 should be good, yes. I like the HIS models because they exhaust their [little] heat outside of the case.
  9. Hell man geta FI BloodIron mobo, an Antec 300 case and a PCpower 610 silencer and then get what ever video card you want.
  10. It looks like a standard mid tower to me. It should fit a 9600gt fine. if anything just move your hard drive down so it wont get in the way. from the looks of things its spacing is similar to mine.
  11. the problem isn't the hard drive is the ATA 133 connector that is in the way

    P.S. it doesnt matter that its 2.0 correct? since i have a PCI Express x16 that runs at x4?
  12. You guys should really see how much power an average computer or even gaming computer consumes... not 610W! Your 450W will do fine, even for a 9800GX2
    I also suggest getting a 9600gt as your case will handle it perfectly. Heres a evga 9600gt free shipping and after rebates for 70 bucks!
  13. Yea ive tried the 9600gt, but it was too long, the ATA 133 connector was in the way so i wouldnt fit
  14. Your thinking about your agp slot on your motherboard. that runs at 4x speed your pci-e is running at 16x speed.
    - PCI Express Graphics slot: Compaitble w/ PCI Express x16 VGA card*
    - AGP8X/4X slot (1.5V only)
    - 4 x PCI slots
    also even if you got a card that was pci-e 2.0 it will run fine. Most lower end to mid wont use up that much bandwidth.
    Also i found several 9600gt(s) that should fit(looks shorter)
    Both are from Palit but i think the second one is the better deal. $104 w/free shipping and $20 dollar refund.
  15. yea the 2nd one fits, is the 2nd one better than the HD 4670 in terms of performance? one


    the hd has better memory clock but the 9600 has more memory interface bit
  16. I would say its a toss up. on crysis there was about 1/2 a frame per second difference. on call of duty 4 it was almost twice as fast. on Devil May Cry 4 it was the opposite the 4670 was faster. on 3dmark06 it shows a 3k difference. on vantage about a 500point difference. also the 4670 is dx 10.1 vs dx 10 and it uses a little less power than the 9600gt. heres the review.
    Of course the rig it was tested on is much more powerful than yours.(even mine for that matter)
    Obviously you wont max out crysis on high or ultra high settings, but on medium it should do decent enough.
    either way its your choice on which one you want. hopefully this helps you decide. Good luck.
  17. ATI 4670 will do you well josmil. Its small, and dosent require an additional power plug.
  18. spathotan said:
    ATI 4670 will do you well josmil. Its small, and dosent require an additional power plug.

    I 2nd that!!! ^^^^ The 4670 won't need any additional power connectors and is neck and neck with the 9600gt.
  19. thanks to all of you for your help.
  20. Very nice.
  21. What do you mean additionnal Power connector ?
  22. it means it doesnt need another cable coming from the power supply in order to give it power to work
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