Cannot Copy Back: Path to Deep

Hi Guys:
Trying to copy files from PC to a Brand New Memory Stick (2gb Scandisk Cruzer)
Error message "Cannot back copy file: Path to Deep" keeps appearing, whether a picture or music file. Any Ideas to overcome?
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  1. The file name must be too long, or the folders are too "deep". Sort of like: a folder in a folder in a folder in a folder... and so on and so forth. Try restructuring stuff to lessen the "depth" of the folders or use shorter file names.
  2. Hi Grace

    Many Thanks for reply.
    Had tried copying from My Docs / Music etc to something simple like C: /Temp & then putting directly onto 'F' drive but same message still appears ?

    "Cannot Copy Back: Path to Deep"

    & the weired thing is....I can copy over a 'Word' document ok from anywhere on my computer !!
    and I can also copy the music files onto my old .5gig stick.

    Stumped :(
  3. No, I mean, the destination folders should be relatively "shallow". If F: is your flash disk, then stuff should be in F:\Music or F:\Videos and not in F:\My 2009 Documents\Work\Finance department\2009 Budget\IT........ you get the idea.

    But I think Music folders are relatively shallow, so that might not be your problem. If it's just F:\Music\Artist\, then it shouldn't cause problems. What is the format of the SD card?
  4. Did you format FAT or NTFS? FAT has known limitations on the length of the filename and (directory) path. So while NTFS accepts the longer path, your removable storage with FAT filesystem does not.

    Solution: use less directories and less long names.
  5. Hi Grace / Sub Messa
    Thanks again....tried as you suggested from directly from c: /Temp to F: / Temp........same old message.
    Sub - 'File system - FAT' Bit weary of re-fomatting, thing is brand new, received today.
    Any other ideas ?
  6. .......and after wasting 3+ hours of my life...:(

    Tried using the stick on my sister's laptop and everything works fine. Copies / reads all types of files without any problems !!! ( mine is XP, hers Vista ? )
    Guess it must just be my PC for some reason, not correctly recognising something about the stick / USB connection ?
    My loss - Her gain !! - And I suppose another £5 to eBay for a replacement :(
    Thanks anyway for your efforts.
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