AMD 64 X2 4200+

(A) Bios Problem

1- So I am very much new to OC, and I am looking to KEEP IT SIMPLE. I am not looking for the very best results, just...results.

2- I found this guide for my processor ( where it teaches you to OC at stock voltages. Simple enough. According to this guide, I should be able to up the clock speed from 2.2ghz to about 2.77ghz without messing with the voltage. Perfect.

3- So I go into BIOS and try to find the screen to tweek my HTT and the multiplier, but I cant freaking find the darn thing. I looked everywhere. I even found a guide explaining where the "System Clocks" screen would be (I forget at this current moment) and it was not there. I have the same BIOS as the one in the link provided (Phoenix 6.0).

Can someone explain where I can get a guide for idiots as to OCing my 4200+?


If I do plan to up the voltage, does this have any bearing on my current 400W Cooler Master PSU? Will I possibly need to upgrade my PSU?


AMD X2 64 4200+
4Gigs DDR2 Kingston HyperX
BFG GeForce 9800 GT
400W Cooler Master PSU
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  1. Sorry to say this is your computer bought from companies like compaq,HP, etc?
    then it could be locked or your motherboards maker could have locked it for safety and warranty reasons some of your only ways out is SetFSB and modding (not recommended to do)
    same thing was for me it was locked, i use SetFSB got from 2.0 ghz to 2.8 ghz without any voltage changes.
  2. No, this system was home built. I will have to go back home to mess with the BIOS again.

    Is there any guideline that I can follow for now for overclocking? Anyone know of any helpful links/tools?

  3. A search of this forum should turn up at least 10,000 threads that will tell you exactly how to do what you are asking. This used to be the literal bible of overclocking, not so much anymore, but man, the info is in here if you just spend some time looking around. Start out with the stickies at the top of this forum and go from there.
    You will likely have to read your motherboard manual. Some boards will require you to press a couple of specific keys to show hidden settings. At the very least, you have to change the settings for your FSB from auto to manual.
    I'll give you a few tips here to get you started.
    Leave the hypertransport bus alone. Leave your multiplier alone, it is locked and you cannot raise it anyway.
    What you want to do is raise the FSB speed.
    Since this also ties to your memory, you must lower your memory divider to slow your memory down. Memory does not like to be overclocked, and will be the first wall you hit.
    Your FSB is 200mhz. You should be able to raise to around 215~218 without too much trouble.
    Download CPUZ, and use it to check the speed of your memory and processor after each tweak, and successful boot. Learn where your jumper is to reset your BIOS to defaults, you will need it. Go a little at a time, that is the secret.
  4. Hi, this article can help you to OC your locked AMD processor.,2396.html

    And your PSU is enough for your system and the OC.
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