Blue screen when trying to activate win xp before logon

I completed a repair install on win xp. It asked for the COA Key while installing. Starts and reaches a point whre a panekl says "this copy of windows must be activated before you can log on. Do you want to activate now: Yes No"

If hit NO it takes you back to startup,

If hit YEs, blue screen with pointer and timer appears, but does nothing more.

Waited for quite some time but no progreess.

There is HDD activity , LAN activity , although don't know how its supposed to use wireless or Lan before logging in to windows.

Tried Safe Mode. Same message appears,before login, and when hit YES, says " Activation can not be completed in safe mode", so round and round we go.

Suugestions welcome, but remember I can not login to Safe mode or windows proper, Needs to be a repair console or bios configuration fix.

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  1. What happened to need an XP repair in the first place?
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Blue Screen Windows XP