Losing my mind with my system

I built my own system a bit over a year ago with the following:

Motherboard: ASUS-M2N4-SLI
CPU: AMD Athlon 2.4 ghz x2
Video Card: Nvidia 8600GT
Memory: 2x 1 or 2 gigabyte memory sticks (can't remember)
PSU: 500W

It worked perfectly up until I moved last month. After a day of running fine, it refused to boot up one morning after trying to restart itself overnight, presumably because of an automatic update. The motherboard gave no beep codes, and the monitor was receiving no signal. The system fans were running, and the hard drive was spinning.

After checking to make sure all the connections were in order, testing it with a spare monitor, and talking to a friend, I decided the motherboard had to be bad. I went out and grabbed another mobo, installed it, and received the same situation: no beep codes, no signal. Cursing my horrible luck, I grabbed a third motherboard from another computer. The same thing happened: No beep codes, no signal, fans spinning.

On the offchance I've overlooked some basic connection, here are the currently connected cables/components:

CPU + Fan
2x Memory Sticks

20 pin ATX power connector
4 pin 12v ATX power connector
CPU fan connector
Front panel power switch, HDD LED, Reset Switch, Audio, and USB
SATA cable from HD to SATA connector on MOBO
IDE cable from optical drive to IDE connector on MOBO
Power cables to optical drive, hard drive, front panel fan, rear panel fan, side panel fan.
Monitor connected to onboard video (video card is not installed to simplify things).

I have tried everything, and I'm still getting the same problems. I am fairly certain all the connections I have made and parts I have installed are done correctly, though I'm open to checking them for the 101st time to be absolutely sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm on the verge of joining the Amish and swearing off computers forever.
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  1. Well the other option is to try a replacement for each piece. You already did the motherboard. Next try a different graphics card (or integrated), then different ram, then different processor. That's hard because not everyone has spare parts just lying around. Worse case, its a combo of things. Good luck buddy. I'll bet its your graphics card...
  2. Your Power supply probably died.
  3. ^+1
  4. +2

    But tbo, you REALLY dont know, it could be anything. If also could be gxf or ramz.

    If you crack the psu open there are often burn marks etc which indicate death.
    Ive had a few cheap psu's let go on me. Symtoms vary greatly.
  5. OTOH,,you could take the mobo out of the case and put it on a non conductive surface ,with just one stick of ram and a bootable hdd fire it up and leave it for a couple of minutes then,remove the hsf and see if the cpu is at all warm,,
    you need to know whether or not you have a good cpu and the same applies to the ram and psu,
    you cannot do a system diagnostic based on guessing you must be sure,otherwise you will find yourself running around like a chicken with no head and not getting any thing but frustration,
    this will cause you to stop thinking logically and calmly which is absolutly essential when trying to daignose computer snafu's,,,
    no beep code says that the system can not/did not complete the bios check
    therefore it seems likely that either the cpu or video has gone south,you might try your cpu in another working system too..:)
  6. No beeps. Second above op. Primary component failure, CPU, PSU or RAM.
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