How to get proxies to work?

I have tried downloadable proxies and they dont seem to work.Whenever I try to register for a website, say gamefaqs, it seems to detects my real IP immediately and not let me register.And web proxies are pretty much banned from every site, including yahoo, so im not able to register with those.

What can I do about this?
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  1. you need to set up the correct ip, i used to use a proxy called httptunnel, and what you had to do was assign particular port on the program say 365 and then link this with your internal ip and the ip of the proxy,

    so you would assign a new port, to the proxy ip
    then tell the program to use as its gateway.

    if you have a particular ip:port you have been told to use by the proxy website, goto internet options, proxy, and enter the ip:port in the relevant sections and then test it.
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