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I built my first system in a number of years last week. It's an i7 920 x58 system on an ASUS P6T motherboard.

I overclocked the system to 3.5ghz after installing a Coolmaster Hyper 212 heatsink and fan. At first, I was idling around 35C-39C and would hit 70C-72C with prime95 after 30-60 mins.

Now, a couple days after reinstalling the heatsink, the idle temperatures have gone up to 40-44C at any clock speed from 3.3-3.6ghz. I even dropped the clock to stock speeds and idle only dropped to 39C at it's lowest.

With prime95 and a 3.6ghz clock, I have temperatures of only 65c, and only 55c at a 3.3ghz clock.

Anyways, it appears as the TIM cures, my idle temperatures have increased and my load temperatures have decreased. Is this normal? Should I look for a solution?
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  1. Is this normal behavior?
  2. I don't know. I normally focus on load temps.

    One possibility I can think of. Was SpeedStep turned off in both test runs?
  3. Or your Vdroop?

    Vdroop will lower your voltages when you're doing nothing, and will increase them when you are using the CPU.
  4. I've recently been turned on to CPUID Hardware Monitor. I've learned that PC Probe II is unreliable and in general, I've been noticing very unliable data from CPUTIN which is what PC Probe II shows. With CPUID Hardware monitor running, I've been able to watch the core temperatures, which appear to be much more reliable info.

    One reason I believe it's unreliable to read the CPUTIN, is I'll turn on PC probe one time, see the temp at 32C, then turn on HW monitor and both will jump 10C, and if I open them in the reverse order, I might see the same thing. Sometimes the temps are lower than the cores, sometimes much higher. Anyways, I'm not paying much attention to that info anymore.
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