Problem Overclocking i5 750

Hello, I am trying to overclock my i5 750 on my Biostar T5 XE SLI+CFX.

I can get up to 3.7GHz intel burn test stable at 1.35v with 178 base clock and a x21 multiplier. However, I can't get the CPU to stay at 3.84 which is a 183 base clock at x21. You see when doing the Intel Burn Test it switches the multiplier down to 20 instead of 21, which is 3.6 GHz. I can't figure out why it is doing this, max temps on load go up only 1c across the board (64, 61, 58, 58c to 65, 62, 59, 59c). I have disables speedstep, C1E, TM function, and Max CPUID Value limit.

I'm starting to think temps. aren't the problem, and neither is voltage because I increased it from 1.35v to 1.4v without it helping.

Any ideas?
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  1. Well I fixed the problem, apparently this is the only P55 board that I have ever heard of that can do a x21 multiplier up to a 185 base clock, I have it at 195 base clock with an x20 multiplier.
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