vista 64 will not recogn raid

this morning my vista 64 will not recogize my raid. Still showing up in BIOS during boot. Its not in computer managment. Any ideas?
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  1. Drivers?
    Maybe you also want to explain what RAID you run? :)
  2. running raid 0, use a pny pci express board. SATA II 2-channel. Silicon Image sil3132 softraid 5 controller. Driver, 9-17-08 have 2 samsung hd200hj running raid 0.
  3. wonder if I should try the driver well I see this does not work with vista 64 bit, just shows windows 64 bit
  4. little confused with driver selection. Board is running 7.4.05 BIOS, with the driver. Looks like the BIOS needs to be changed to match a driver. They have several BIOS and drivers.

    Last time I installed some software utility that decided to take my raid and make one drive. Lost everything. I think it was SATARAID5 management utility. Do not want to make that mistake again.

    Not sure what to do, but looks like the driver is outdated?
  5. Silicon Image is fakeRAID and generally offers extremely poor quality. You may want to consider flashing the controller to be a normal non-RAID SATA controller, and use Windows software RAID (striping) to make a RAID0 with proper performance.
  6. Called pny they are no help. Not sure if something happen to my disk set or other issues.

    The drivers do not look correct from Silicon Image website. PNY could not tell what drivers were shipped with the unit.

    I do not know much about cards or raids, the PNY PCI Express SATA II 2 CH raid is not a ture raid?

    According to Silicon Image website the driver is not right, not sure if wins updated the driver.

    >>Use this driver with Windows 7 and the latest BASE BIOS to access non-RAID hard disk drives, CD-ROMs, CDRWs, DVD-ROMs, and DVD-RWs. Latest SiI3132 BIOS::7.7.02; Please see the latest SiI3132 documents. Note: This driver does NOT support Windows Vista 64-bit.

    If I flash the controller and make it single.

    Here's my setup, I am running a Abit IP 35 pro, it has I beleive 6 sata that can be raid setup. I believe it is only a single channel raid?

    What would I do for a controller? Plug two drives into the PNY pci express after converting it to non-RAID controller. Pull out PCI controller and use MB controller. not sure I understand what you said.
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