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Hello all ive been having a delimea (spelled that wrong) im building a budget gaming computer wit sli 9600GT and a 750i board but i cant decide what cpu to get a wolfdale dual core or a quad core 6600 what do yall think? this is going to be a frag box that i mainly play cod CS:S and wow on. and will prolly play some of the newer games when they come out. when thinking of a choice put in the consideration of bang for buck compatibility and OCing thx all in advance
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  1. c2d
  2. unless you already have a 9600gt, you'd be wasting your money on a two 9600gt's. for the same amount you could get a radeon 4870 that would smoke the 9600gt sli
  3. Unless you really need SLI, get a P45 board. SLI would be better if you were going a little higher powered GPU anyway.

    I would check out a P45 and a 4850 or 4870 (depends on resolution and budget), or even a 4830 or 4670.

    Good luck on that.

    I would also go with Core 2 Duo - E8400/E8500, E7200/E7300, or E5200.
  4. Q6600.
  5. I would go with q6600 and also with GPU 4870. Using oine card is not so problematic like using an SLI. There are always some problems when you use more card (whether SLI or Crosfire). I work with computers and deal with this on daily bases so believe me. Unless you want to go with 2xGTX 280 or 2xHD4870, I wouldn't think about SLI. Go with the 4870 and you will have no problems with games what so ever.
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