Best bet for a Mid-High Graphics card?- Upgrading

Hey guys, I'm new to the forums so bear with me. I have an Acer Aspire T180 (not exactly epic, I know) so first of all, here are main specs:

2 GB Ram
AMD Athlon 64 3800+
NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Integrated
Vista Premium

I'm looking for a good graphics card, mid-high range and I have about £50-70 ($100-$140) to spare. I'd like to play games such as Medieval Total War 2, Mercinaries 2, Supreme Commander, Oblivion smoothly on mid settings (right now I can get 15 fps on all low settings on Obliv- not really playable). So I figured a new graphics card was in order...

My friend has recommended a 8600gt, 9500gt and Ive seen an ATI hd3850 getting good reviews and all have been fairly within my price range. But I'd like some expert help.

Based on what games I like to play, how much I've got to spend and what my pc can physically handle, can you recommend me a graphics card?

Will I need another/better power supply? If you do recommend a card how much memory should it have? Are there any good threads that I dont know of that might help me? Are the cards I have in mind a little overkill? Could it be something other than a graphics card that I need?

I have a spare full tower if a new PSU is needed as miniTowers are more difficult to upgrade, apparently.

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  1. i think youll have to upgrade ur PSU maybe this


    i would go with the antec 500w give's you a bit of head room

    and i would stay away from 8600gt, 9500gt, go for a 9600gt or a 3850, better still the 4670. and under no circumstances go for the 8600gt its crap
  2. The antec 500w looks great, thanks for your advice!
  3. for $140 you can pick up a good 420 W PSU and a Radeon 4670. Its a discreet card (not passive) Requires no additional power other then PCI-E. Runs just shy of a Radeon 4850.

    I have one in my second rig, it works great.
  4. Yea the 4670 looks nice, I'm not sure where you get them from at that price though, links would be nice :)

  5. 8800GT and a new PSU
  6. Thanks, Ill get a new PSU and I'm leaning towards a 3850 or an 8800gt, just need to decide on which one. ;)
  7. You definately need a new psu. 250 watts? Thatll die on you with any upgrades. Get something like 500w. As for video card, buy a used one cheap. x1950pro appears to be the best for $50 or less. If you have $100, theres hd3850 or hd4670.
  8. zx, you can get the 4670, performs better then the 3850 check the link I put above less then $100...
  9. ^^^^^^ Both cards should perform equally
  10. go for 4670
  11. newegg doesn't ship to the UK unfortunately. Im sure I can find a UK alternative somewhere..
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