Can I get 4GB Memory with DK790GX PlatinumI?

I am running OCZ Reapers 2 x 2GB (OCZ2RPR10664GK) on 1.8 V rated modules on the motherboard. The specs call for 2.1 - 2.2 V to power them. In the BIOS I changed the voltage to match those settings. My maximum bandwidth is stated at PC-6400 (400 Mhz) from CPU-Z whether or not I have the voltage set at 2.1 - 2.2 v or 1.8 V. Under the BIOS I changed the EPP setting from disabled to enabled and it changed from 800 Mhz to 1066 Mhz. Also when I run System Performance Report through Vista Ultimate x64 it says at most I get is 2935 MB available for memory at 2.2 V EPP enabled. With it set at 1.8 V EPP enabled I get 2574 MB available memory. Is there any way I can get the full 4 GB or get it closer from the 2.9 GB I get now. Also I was curious to how the increased voltage can damage the motherboard, in the bios it says the max rating is 2.5 V and at 2.2 V the system may run unsteady.
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  1. Hmm... Vista 64 bit only shows you 2.9 GB free out of 4 GB total? When you right click to "my computer" and select properties, does it report 4096 GB RAM installed? if it does....then RAM is fine... 2.9 GB of RAM available, however means that the rest (the remaining portion fo 4096 MB) may have been occupied by programs and drivers... you cannot see the full 4096 MB available after you loaded Vista 64 bit.. that is the amount of free memory available.
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