Overclocking my AMD phenom 9650 x4

hello guys i am new to overclocking but i do know sum. So to begin i would like to know haw much i can OC my cpu its at 2.3GHz but my motherboard is more lockt up then alcatraz but i am geting a new board witch is a ASUS M4N82 Deluxe and yes i do have liquid cooling and i do have a overclocking program its AMD overdrive it looks like i got all i need to oc my cpu with that program and witch way would be the best to overclock it and whut to mess with so if any of guys can help me it would be grate and thx
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  1. thx man
  2. gaming
  3. the new board is going to have crossfire and the ram is 1066 and my budget is $1000
  4. I currently have mine at 2.8GHz stably (using aftermarket cooler, but no water). It doesn't pass 55C when under load, and I'm still working on pushing it further. I have a different motherboard than you but it sounds like you have a pretty good one as well. I just set fsb to 244MHz, cpu multiplier at 11.5x, bump up the voltages a bit for the cpu (mine's at 1.325V) and NB (mine's at 1.35V.) You'll probably have to tweak the HT link frequency a bit to get it under 1800MHz, but the whole process shouldn't really be too tough if you have a decent cpu cooler.
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