Processor bottle-necking my HD3850 AGP?

I was just wondering how much my current processor (Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.80GHZ) is bottle-necking my video card (Radeon HD3850 512MB AGP)? And if maybe I could look into over-clocking my processor to squeeze a little more performance out before I upgrade.


P.S. sorry if this should be in the processor section :X
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  1. Use the search option this has already been covered
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  3. Thanks much caamsa.
  4. It would be 100% bottlenecked. I had an a64 twice as fast as your p4 and even on a radeon 9800pro, my game performance shot up when I overclocked the a64. When I upgraded video cards without uprading the cpu, I saw little or no performance increase in games. I remember putting a geforce3 ti200 in my 1GHz Athlon tbird and I wasn't blown away till I got an xp2000+ OCed to 2GHz.

    You can sell that video card for alot of $$$$$$$ since it's agp and buy a faster pci-e card and get a core duo and overclock the cpu to 4GHz.
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