Cat 5e and rj45 question.

I have cat5e cable that has has rj45 connectors that I use for the telephone. This says it will only allow for one connection at a time but that was talking about data. Do you think it would allow two lines like a typical splitter. If not I need something cheap that would split some lines. Thanks.
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  1. Split the line for data or telephone?
  2. It will be split for telephone. It will be coming out of this.
  3. You could actuall run 4 lines on one Cat5e cable. Phone only uses 2 wires so an 8 wire cable would handle 4 lines. Although I think 3 would be max so the other 2 can be used for grounding to prevent interference.
  4. Sturm is right- If your phone line is a true analog signal a cat5e cable can run 4 lines of out cable if they are seperated and terminated.
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