Adding memory but other maker.

Recently 1 stick of my memory got broken, so i am in need of a new one.
Currently i have
1x PC3200 DDR400 1GB Nanya memory in it.
What i wanna add is,
1x PC3200 DDR400 1GB Kingston CL3.0 and ECC

I dont know if my current memory is CL3.0 or has ECC.

Here my question,
does it mather that the new memory is from Kingston instead of Nanya? and is it ok to add CL3.0 and ECC even though the other might not have it?
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  1. How many chips on your Nanya module? Is there a part number written on it?

    If you already have the Kingston memory, you could try it. ECC memory usually is used in servers. Is your system a desktop PC or a server?
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