Connection issues - help needed.

I have 2x nVidia GeForce 9500 GT 512mb video cards. Each one came with two VGA-DVI adapters. The DVI connections on these cards are a 12 pin with 2 pins on either side of the horizontal connection. Not your average 24 pin/horizontal connection. My monitor has a DVI connection on the back of it. This is your average 24pin/1 horizontal DVI connection.
So we have a video card with a DVI connection and a monitor with a DVI-D connection. I'm wondering if I were to get a VGA-DVI adapter and connect it to the monitor. Then I can take a VGA-DVI-D adapter to the video card. Is this possible?
In short, will the picture quality be altered in any way if I connect a DVI adapter and a DVI-D adapter on either end of a VGA cable? My problem is that my video card has a different DVI connection than my monitor. I am unwilling to settle for a VGA connection because I bought a new monitor so I could have digital quality.
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Thank you in advance for your replies. I hope you can make sense of my repetitive babbling.
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