Core i7 memory settings

I know that the core i7s use a base clock of 133 (by default) and multiply that to determine memory speed.
1) Is the range of multipliers determined by the CPU or the mobo?
2) I've read that this number is then multiplied by 2, but haven't been able to confirm it... is it?
3) The 920s, by default, use 1066 memory speed (a 133 base clock with x8... or x4x2). I've heard that this can't be passed without increasing the bclk... can't you just increase the RAM multiplier, or would it be forced down?

Thanks for the help.
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  1. 1 you can change multipliers in bios
    2 ram 1333 mhz is gonna be 133x10 effective 667mhz 1333/2
    3 133x8 you can raise the multi or frequency
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