By what means do you recieve the money from mail in rebate?

By what means do you recieve the money from mail in rebate?
I am a Trinidadian and I just wanted to know how do the send the money am I even eligible for this!
I bought a Sigma 635W Shark PS from CYBERPOWER which has a $35 Rebate how is this money going to be credited to me? Just wanted to know if I should go through the hassle to ship/mail the rebate info and form to claim anything?
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  1. well first of all, you got a long wait ahead of takes a really long time for mail in rebates to come in (like 8-10 weeks)...usually they will come in the form of a check...
  2. I always send in the mail in rebates. By the time I get it (in a cheque as the previous poster stated) I've already forget I had done it so it's like free money. :D

    It's not really a hassle, just fill in the forms and mail it off.
  3. I usually just get a product now that is less expensive before the rebate...

    I have sent off 2 of them now one has been 2 years and 1 year....Still have yet to receive my rebate check....Curse corsair....


    They come in form of a check as Ahslan stated...but i am not sure if your are eligible for it. Best thing is to look it up or call the company and ask. It takes us a few months to recieve to it will take a little longer than that for you to get yours id imagine....

    good luck..the waiting game begins
  4. speaking of mail in rebates...i just got one of mine in yesterday! WOOT for getting $15 back!!!
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