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Hey Guys im new to this forum so im sorry if this topic is in the wrong place, Move if you like.

Anways i have been thinking about making the jump to the world of pc gaming from my 360, with a max budget of £800.

I know a bit about what is needed for a good gaming pc but i need help.
I would prefer too buy the PC with all the components already installed and ready to go as i have no experiance in building pc's from scratch.

Does anyone have any recomendations too any good gaming PC's on the market for a good price ?

If not could someone show me what are the best components to buy if i was to get someone to build the pc for me ?
Eg: Graphics cards and CPU's

Any help would be appreciated as i am to get my gaming pc done by Xmas as a lil present to myself for being so good this year :kaola: .

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  1. Usual gaming PC recomendation:
    WD 640GB AAKS
    P45-UD3x(ie UD3P,UD3R)
    ATI 4850/4870/GTX620 (216)
    Good PSU like PC Power & Cooling 610, Corsair 650TX,etc.
    OS like Vista x64

    1. Are you willing to OC?

    2. Do you need a LCD?
  2. Thanks for help.

    Um im not sure tbh OCing seems a bit complicated, If the system was good enough i prop would not OC.

    Yeh im looking at a few gaming moniters, i know a fair bit about LCD's.

    I want to get the system sorted out before i buy a moniter..

    Would those specs be able to run... thats say Cryis at high ?

    Also how much would it cost to buy those parts ?

    Thanks again
  3. ^ Yes. It'll run Crysis on high at 1280*1024. In US $550-650.
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