Overclocking a AMD Phenom 9500

How can I overclock my 9500?
Here is my specs
Mobo: Asus Crosshair II
CPU: Phenom 9500
RAM: OCZ, 2(4GB(2GBX2))
CPU Cooler: Arctic 63 temps at 17C
OS: Vista X64
Video: 9800GT 1GB
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  1. That mentions AMD Overdrive. That program wont work because I don't have a ATI video card.
  2. amd overdrive is for the cpu ,ati overdrive or ccc for gpu
  3. I installed it and it says, "there is no 7 series chipset installed"

    Any idea why it says that? Could it be a driver problem? If so what driver would i need to install/reinstall.
  4. thats strange so you gonna have to do it from bios
  5. AA i dodnt nwat to hear that answer, could it me a driver? do i have to install one for my Phenom? i have them all installed in for my mobo
  6. The crosshair II uses a 780a chipset produced by nvidia not AMD/ATI.
  7. you could try riva tuner
  8. Quote:
    The crosshair II uses a 780a chipset produced by nvidia not AMD/ATI.

    Does that mean AMD Overdrive wont work?

    you could try riva tuner

    Isnt that just for video cards, I have Riva tuner and I don't see a place for a CPU.
  9. dammit im confused(drunk) this new yrs eve
  10. LOL, any idea of a software like AMD Overdrive for me?
  11. asus OC station ?
  12. Could you post a download link. I don't have that software on my driver disc.
  13. its a device not a program :cry: i've lost my mind in a bottle of jameson
  14. Hu, what do you mean by device? Do you mean the old BIOS?
  15. you gonna have to bios it
  16. the oc station is a device you plug into the asus ROG boards
  17. ohhh, So i guess im im back to the old BIOS?
  18. this is what your bios looks like

  19. only difference is that your cpu frequency will be 200

    and your pcie clock will be set to 200 or 400

    also possible that your ram voltage will be different
  20. Ya, what is a good ratio for FSB:VCORE 20:.6?
  21. i would rather leave it on auto for starters
  22. My multiplier is at the highest which is 11X. a friend has another board and he can get 16X how can i unlock mine?
  23. You don't, because your chip isn't unlocked.

    You need to do a lot more reading. You have no idea what your doing and unless you want to kill something in your computer, you need to education yourself first. Do a web search for an OC guide for Phenom I and start there.
  24. I have done lots of reading and i cant find anything on my CPU
  25. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=phenom+%2B+9500+%2B+overclocking

    Won't let me make this a URL, copy and paste.
  26. i tried and got nothing...
  27. I think this thread tired and got nothing.
  28. i now this is old but did your overloack this cpu and on what cooler....
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