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So right now I can buy a 260 for 366$ with taxes and shipping from NCIX.com. I looked at the 280 and it is like 300$ more, and I do not want to spend that. Recently I bought a Samsung T260 26inch monitor, from my old 19 inch. Now I notice my 8800gts 512 is lagging behind, a bit and I need a good affordable boost in FPS, so 260 would be key for that fix. Problem is I have a 600watt PSU, I'll just tell you my system specs, as of now. Would I be able to run a 260 on this system if I took out the 8800gts 512?

Silverstone Strider 600watt PSU
Intel Duo core 6850 (not o/c'd)
8800 GTS 512
2gig Crucial Ballistix 1066 RAM
Evga 780i Mobo
Seagate 500gig HD
Soundblaster Xtreme Gamer Sound card
Coolmaster Stacker 832
G5 Mouse
G15 Keyboard
SteelSeries 5H Headset
7 Fans

Any suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated. :bounce:
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  1. You can get an XFX overclocked GTX 260 for $230 after rebate from newegg.com (well $270 but included CoD4)
  2. i think that company is overcharging
  3. NCIX is 4 hours away from me. Plus it is Canadian money, not US. Anyone else help me out, if 600watts is enough for this system?
  4. Youll be good on 600W.
  5. Nice, think it's worth to go to get the 280?
  6. Well, you have a 780i motherboard, so have you thought about just adding another 8800GT to run them in SLi? Certainly would be cheaper :D. There are some cases where SLi doesn't scale well or could provide you with lower minimum framerates, but on the whole two 8800 GTs in SLi would be faster than a single 260.
  7. I don't know if 600watts is good enough for 2x 8800gts 512. It is also 300$ which is the same price as the 260, should I just get the 280 then? I can afford it but..it is more money.
  8. Also kind of scared of SLI because of glitches I keep hearing about and troubles... if 280 is better then 2x8800 512, then ill get the 280.
  9. Man... Get a box of rocks and organize them as your hobby. If you can't figure it out with the web as your slave.........Goggle, few weeks reading maybe?
  10. My 580W Mushkin handled two 4850's just fine, so it will do two 8800GT's without a doubt.
  11. thank you, reading up on a Elite Bastards forum, of them testing 2x8800 512s, with pretty much the same system.
  12. I'm thinking it would be better to buy a Radeon 4870 rather than a GTX260....
  13. it will handle 2 8800gts, gtx260 and possible 2 gtx260.
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