Motherboard/RAM Problem - Game Freezes and Reboots

When I first ran games on my new PC, they played for a minute and then froze. Now I have tested the RAM with Memtest86 and it said that the RAM cannot accurately store data. But, yesterday I stuck a stick of RAM in the DIMM2 slot (not DIMM 1 or 3 or 4) and I could play games for a long time before it glitched and exited to desktop. So I am thinking that it is the DIMM slots on my P43 mobo that are messed up. I tried every slot with the RAM, and only DIMM2 would let me play games for a while. Should I just go ahead and RMA my mobo or should I do something else?

G.skill 4GB DDR2 PC8500 1066
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  1. Did you set the memory voltage and timings as per the specs?
  2. I looked at them and they were what they were supposed to be. I think I'm just going to send in my current mobo and get another AsRock P45 XE of newegg as a replacement. Then if the RAM doesn't work I'll just replace that.
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