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will a sata 6.0 harddrive work on my sata 3.0 motherboard will i get 6.0 speed ?
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  1. 04181979XXX said:
    will a sata 6.0 harddrive work on my sata 3.0 motherboard will i get 6.0 speed ?

    A SATA III (6 GB/s) HD won't get SATA III (6 GB/s) speeds on a SATA III MoBo because while the interface is capable of 6 GB/s, the heads / platters of the mechanical HD simply can not read or write data at anywhere near that speed.
  2. HDDs don't even saturate the bandwidth of SATA 1.5Gbps, let alone 6.0Gbps. :D

    6.0Gbps appears very good to SSDs though, as it contains other optimizations in that regard too.
  3. Yes, SSD's and multi disk SAS are the things that will benefit from SATA III
  4. So the SATA 6gb drives by seagate & wd are nothing short of SCAMS???

    Plus all the bickering over P55 bandwidth problem are all a hoax on these newer MB's ??
  5. Most SSDs don't even need 6Gbit/sec SATA. There are only a few with transfer rates that exceed 3Gbit/sec.

    All drive manufacturers are shifting over to the chipsets that support 6GBit/sec SATA because that's what the chipset manufacturers are supplying now. Last year only 3.0Gbit/sec chipsets were available and HDD manufacturers used them even though hard drives would work just as well at 1.5Gbit/sec.

    So no, it's not really a scam. But the manufacturers will trumpet any feature they can ("available in Onyx Blue!") and it's up to the buyer to understand how relevant it is to them. In other words: caveat emptor!
    For a pretty thorough explaination & a marvell test, that shows what we can expect from SATA 6gb SSD drives....

    So it just boils down that we are buying USB 3 & SATA 6GB mostly for future compatibility!
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