Intel E8400 or E8500?

Dear boys and girls,

For my new computer I'm looking for a dual core cpu but there's one problem. I don't know which to choose. The E8400 or E8500?
The E8400 is cheaper and overclocks well . The E8500 is a bit more expensive but has the same features (except the higher multiplier) . Which one to buy? Which CPU will overclock better in general? the E8400 or the E8500?

(Motherboard will be Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3P , Mem : 4GB PC8500 corsair dominators, cooler : Scythe Mugen)

Hope to hear from you soon.
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  1. either will overclock to similar speeds on that board. Most of the time, folks downclock their cpu multi anyways so it doesn't really matter.
  2. i own a E8500 and i overclocked it to 3.8 easily. i know i can probably hit 4.6. either is fine for you really, it just depends how far you want to push it.
  3. 8500's only advantage is the higher multiplier which means you wont have to raise the fsb as much to get the overclock you want... if you are extreme overclocking the 8500 would be better. But as mentioned the 8400 will get close to the same anywho.
  4. if you aren't buying a good aftermarket cooling solution, the e8500 is out of the question, and you probably shouldn't be getting either :lol:

    so either way, make sure you get a high performance heatsink.
  5. You don't need to get an aftermarket cooler if you're not OCing though right?
  6. you have a problem if you buy a e8xxx and don't oc it. you could buy something a fifth of its price that would reach their stock speeds...
  7. Haha, thanks for being blunt.
  8. I want to get speeds about 4.2 / 4.4 Ghz will the E8400 do that with acceptable v.core?
  9. You can't really say that it will run 4.2 / 4.4 at low voltage. Every board and CPU combo is different. You can buy 2 pairs of the exact board and processor and not get the same speed at the same voltage.
  10. I ordered an E8500 for my work computer today. I want to only do a conservative level of OC, maybe 3.6ghz or 3.8ghz. I also got the Zalman cooler for it.
  11. I hope you're not only doing word processing...would be a shame.
  12. ^:lol:
  13. Damn those word documents will load quick though lol
  14. When i leave my e8400 on idle i fell sad.. It really doesn't deserve this...
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