Low 3dmark score...

I just did a 3dmark score, and was suprised at what I got. The cpu seemed fine, scoring 3600, q9300 on stock. However my 4850 only got 3972 on the sm2.0 and 5000 on the sm3.0. I have no idea why this is, ive got the 4850 clocked to: 650/1005. Running on vista, asus maximus, and 2gb of pc8500 OCZ reaper.

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  1. hey, Sounds like my score -Before I turned off AA AF and V-sync in CCC!
  2. That score is likely caused by driver issues. Did you make sure to re-roll your drivers all the way? Everytime I install a new card I just do a fresh install lol..

    Got way higher then your score though -- and on a E7200 C2D :(
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