Spare wrt54g as a repeater print server

i have one wifi network thru my dlink modem cum adsl router, through which i accessinternet. I have a 2nd wifi network thru a spare wrt54g router which is connected by ethernet to my printer. It works, but each time to print, i need to discconect from internet network and login into printer network. Can both netwroks be combined ?
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  1. yes, it is possible but complicated. Not necessarily hard, just has lots of steps and may require you to buy some things. Give me an idea of how good you are with computers, I will try to figure something out for you that you can do.

    Things I need to know from you: what model of dlink modem/router do you have? What hardware version of the wrt54g do you have? It is found on the bottom of the router, on the sticker. Says v. something.
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