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I recently had a power outage when i was working on my pc and as soon as i got power back i tryed to power back up but got a long prolonged beeping sound (meaning a boot failure). I held the power button and turned it off again then back on and it booted up fine because it reverted back to default BIOS settings. I then turned it back off went into the bios and put the overclock back on that i used to have and once again lockup before boot. several more times i tried this but even with a very very small overclock and every time locked up. What could be the deal here?

Also the pc is plugged into a surge protector.
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  1. First off a surge protector is of little help on power outage, they only "Protect" for High voltage spikes. You really need a UPS to protect for dropouts.

    That said, You might try clearing your CMOS. I would turn the power supply off (On the back of the PSU. Depending on your MB, I would pull the CMOS battery and short the "Clear CMOS" pins, then replace battery. On some MBs you can remove the shorting jumper from the Pins (ie pins 1&2) and put jumper on 3&4 for say 10 Sec. then return the jumper to there normal position. Check your MB manual. If this fails, then try reflashing your primary Bios as it maybe corrupted.
  2. i just did all that and still not booting with a small overclock...im thinking its fried.
  3. Run a memtest on your ram.
  4. i cant ever get memtest to boot so thats not going to work
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