SSD or Velociraptor?

Hey guys. I'm building a new computer, and recently realized I could spend more than I originally budgeted for. With that being the case, instead of using my old 75GB Raptor, I've decided to get a new HD for my OS, Programs, & Games.

This computer will be used for a lot of different things, many of them at the same time. It will be used for Gaming (every spare second I have), feeding my 42" 1080p Plasma, remote network administration, and even the occational video encode/decode (along with the usuall stuff like browsing, e-mail, etc).

Price is a SLIGHT concern, but not really all that much. My main question is if a SSD is that much better than a regular HD? Because I'm looking for HIGH reliability, and HIGH performance as well.

Specs for the new Machine are below:

Intel Core i7 950 (CPU) -
Corsair Dominator 6GB (3 x 2GB RAM) -
eVGA E758-A1 3-Way SLI (MoBo) -
Antec CP-850 (PSU) -
Antec 1200 (Case) -
Asus DVD Rom (DVD since old one is IDE) -
Plextor DVD Burner (DVD Burner since old one is IDE) -

I'll be re-using my dual eVGA 8800 GTS's (SLI).

I'm leaning toward SSD, but I'd like some input before I take the plunge. Thanks for the help!
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  1. Having owned Velociraptors and SSD's my suggestion will be to head towards the SSD - one of the current generation devices.

    The reason is - as fast as the V is, it still has to move that head - versus the SSD has no head to move. Second the newer SSD's will sustain a much higher READ throughput than a V will. Write times the SSD's still struggle - a little- but they are getting much better.

    I have replaced my RAID0 Velociraptors with a single SSD and the difference is night and day - and Im using the Intel 160G G2 SSD - new, but there are newer ones out there now (ps - I have no brand loyalty, I go where the speed is). Look at your budget and get the best you can afford - even slower ones will amaze you.

    The reason is Windows is creating all of these small files - logs, registry updates, etc. Remove the head positiong (and increase the data transfer) and it flat moves...

    Just my two cents - you do what you think is right and post your results....
  2. I agree with above. I went from a Velociraptor to an SSD, and it was worth it. If you've got the money to spare, grab an SSD.
  3. Ok, so I'll probably be getting an SSD. What does the market look like right now? The Toms Hardware charts are from 2009.

    Can someone make any recomendations on where I should start?
  4. First decide what size you need. I chose 60GB, but you may need more. Then look on Newegg filtered by size and interface. Looking for high throughput rates are a good place to start, but remember that access times are most important. Try to stick with name brands that you've heard of. Make sure the drive you choose has TRIM. Look up reviews of potential drives. Then decide which is best for you.

    I chose the 60GB OCZ Agility. It is amazingly fast compared to my Velociraptor.
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