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i got a ati 4870x2 and i am displaying 1920 x 1080 using a analogue cable, when i use a hdmi cable the screen looks crap and the writting looks wierd compared to the analogue display which looks smooth, clear and soft.

i am using my samsung tv atm and its a 40" 1080p, the manual says that it can be done but i am having no luck.

im 99% sure the model number for my tv is LE04A559P

any help would be great guys!
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  1. how long is your HDMI cable?
    what analog cables? RGB or YCbCr?

    Generally its better to use YCbCr cables than HDMI/DVI especially over long distances.
  2. i got a 5m hdmi cable and the analogue was a RGB.

    ive never heard of a YCbCr cable.
  3. Actually the hdmi should be fine. I think you need to play around in your Catalyst Control Center. You'll want to make sure that you enable 1080p60 format. You'll select DTV (HDMI) and under that you'll select HDTV support. Once you have that enabled you are going to want to make sure that you set your desktop area to 1920x1080 in CCC with a refresh rate of 60. My guess is that your in 1080i right now with the TV. I had some problems getting my PC to display on my tv right. I was only getting 1080i and it looked like crap. Also, you'll want to check your scaling options to make sure it goes to full screen.

    The YCbCr refers to component cables that are red, blue, and green. Those cables will only do 1080i so I wouldn't worry about using them. You're best bet is tweaking with the HDMI settings so that you have audio going over the cable too. I will say that it's a nice feature of Samsung tvs to support full resolution over the VGA port. My Toshiba only does 1336x768 over VGA so I didn't have a choice of what cable to use to get 1080p.
  4. thanks for the reply, thats really detailed, im gunna try it in a sec and let u know what happens :D
  5. it hasnt worked, the tv still makes a whistleing sound and the screen looks darker than the vga cable and the writing looks blocky

    i am sat about 1ft away from it though but when i was using the vga cable it looked really nice up close as well. im concerned about the whisteling sound. it doesnt make this sound when i set the resolution to 1600X1200, any higher and it does with the hdmi cable
  6. Do you have a different HDMI cable to use? If it only makes the sound when going past 1600x1200 it seems like that could be a cable issue. If you're only using the TV's speakers for this then you may want to stick with the VGA port for the time being.
  7. i dont use the sound from the hdmi cable, i got 7.1 surround sound from my pc that i use.

    i wanted the hdmi cable to work because i was hoping to buy a blu ray player for my pc so i can watch movies and use it as a entertainment centre as well but it looks like it isnt working as i planned
  8. You may need to disable the integrated sound that's on the graphics card to get rid of that sound. I'd play around more in catalyst control center as well. Anyway, since you can get full HD over the VGA port use that. For blu-ray you can get a program called AnyDVD HD that will allow you to watch blu-ray on a non-HDCP connection.
  9. YCbCr cables are called 'componet' cables. They are different than RGB/VGA cables. Component cables are the ones that are green, blue and red.

    digital =! better
  10. skittle said:
    YCbCr cables are called 'componet' cables. They are different than RGB/VGA cables. Component cables are the ones that are green, blue and red.

    digital =! better

    Digital = better.

    HDMI is significantly better than component cables for clarity, though component are certainly not bad.
  11. ok ill try and get a shorter hdmi cable and see how that works out. the tv only makes a hight pitch noise, like on old tv's when the capacitors are going.

    i dont have much knowledge on HD and that but are you saying that if i have AnyDVD HD, i can watch HD quality films on my tv through an analogue cable, because im running the resolution at 1920 by 1080.
  12. ^ Yes. VGA can display a lot higher than 1920x1080. HDCP is a way of controlling the medium. AnyDVD will pretty much tell your video player software that you do have an HDCP connection when in fact you don't.
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