A Back Up Drive for an Older Non-Techie

I have an older Dell desktop, with Windows XP (home), running a Firefox browser. It has a 40 gig capacity of which I've used about 30. I'm an older, non-techie, retired guy looking for a simple back up device that can be programed to TOTALLY back up everything (programs, files, photos, etc. - the entire hard drive) and update the modified files on a daily basis. What could be my reasonable options?
Thanks for any help.
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    Get a USB external hard drive (with eSATA also possibly for future needs) and use Paragon software or Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image to automate the backup.
  2. i need one external hard drive for my lap top. Which brand you guys would recommend? Is there any difference for the external HD using for desktop or laptop?
  3. You can buy either a 3.5" or 2.5" external hard drive.
    Best to get one with an external power brick and made of metal rather than plastic.
    I build my own, so I really can't recommend a brand.
  4. Thanks, evongugg,

    With my (limited) understanding of the back up software description, I would select 'Paragon System Backup 2010' - which 'sounds' good to me. With that software program, could just about any good external hard drive be 'programmed' to back up the entire existing hard drive or would I need a more specific brand/model? I so appreciate your help.
  5. Some external USB drives come with software, although retail software will be superior. Paragon software will work with any USB external hard drive. Make sure you format the drive NTFS. Paragon System Backup 2010 should work fine.
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