Athlon II X2 250 vs Athlon II X3 425

I'm on a shoestring budget here and will probably look to replace the processor in a year and a half when I can afford a second video card.

What I need to know is if it is plausible to overclock the Athlon II X3 425 from 2.7 ghz to 2.9 ir 3.0 ghz using the stock retail cooler and keep it there for long term use. If so I will go the extra few bucks. If not I'll stick with the 250.

I'll be using this biostar motherboard:

And an Antec 300 Computer Case.

My room temperature in the summer with a computer running is around 82* F
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  1. yeah thats possible it was a similiar core that overclocked from 2.9 ghz to 3.6 ghz you coud have a 75 % too unlock a 1 extra core bringing the processor too 4 cores if something goes wrong just reset the settings in BIOS or reset the CMOS.
  2. If you want a good budget overclocker, go with a athlon II 240, The athlon II x3/x4 doesn't overclock as well. The 240 will go to 3.5ghz with minor voltage changes, It should be under 1.35volts or under 1.4volts if u got a bad batch
  3. Note I said overclocker hehe
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