CPU and Graphics card decision for new system build. Need Help!

Ok, so I have my motherboard, HDD, ODD, RAM (2GB 800MHZ),Computer case, power supply and OS. And I'm not going to discuss these right now, the problem is the CPU and Graphics card. I'm looking at a Radeon HD 3870 512MB graphics card from Newegg for $99. (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102752). I saw the benchmark for this card running Assasins Creed from here. It scored 61.30 FPS (1280x1024, 0xAA, Trilinear, max. Quality) . I was looking at the Intel Pentium E2200 Allendale 2.2GHz (Dual Core) and the Intel Celeron E1200 1.6GHz (Dual Core). How much will this effect me if I choose the Celeron instead of the Pentium? Please if you can, in detail. What ever you have to say to make your point or whatever, I'm all ears.
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  1. You know for $15 more the E5200 would be a major improvement over either proc. Check on Newegg and compare. Same can be said about video card. $10 will get you an 8800gt. One step above 3870. Just my two cents.
  2. Can't afford it, TIGHT TIGHT Budget!!
  3. Well, find a 9600GT for $10 less (it will still be an imporvement) and chalk up the extra $5 for the E5200. Just don't get the E2200.
  4. Why do these graphics cards have lower FPS scores?
  5. You really don't want the Celeron as the tiny cache on that thing is very bad for gaming.
  6. If you have that tight of a budget I go with what is cheapest. Maybe drop down to 3850 or 9600 gt. And buy the E5200. That celeron just doesn't have enough horsepower. Even with dual core. I'm thinking bottleneck. If you're gaming at that resolution, the cpu will work harder than the video card. The E5200 should make up the difference. But if you insist on your original choice E2200 no doubt.
  7. Celeron is a NO NO. You might as well use onboard graphics or get one of those 5500FX video cards for 19 bucks if you do that.

    Its like putting Corvette racing wheels and tires on a 100hp VW if you get a Celeron for gaming.

    Get an E2160/2180 and a 9600GT. You wont be disappointed in the 9600GT. I have both of these in my media center setup and it scored almost 8000 on futuremark06. Not bad for a budget build.

    The 3870 should be a comparable card for the money so either should be a good choice for your situation.

    My friend has a 9600GT in his system and he runs 2 32" monitors with no problems and we played F.E.A.R. with no hickups.

    If you cant afford to get decent hardware then wait until you can. Dont flush your money down the toilet getting half baked hardware to game with...
  8. I agree with englandr753. Wait until you can get decent hardware. If you cheap out you will be dissapointed. Something else to consider Tom's hardware tests graphics cards using, I think, a X6800. Dual core and 3.0ghz.
  9. Okay, before anyone starts talking about anything, there's several questions you need to ask yourself.

    What socket is your motherboard? Does it even support the new CPU'S? Does your motherboard have PCI-E 1.0 x16? Can your PSU handle what you're about to add?
  10. Prudent and legit questions. My assumption (we know what ass-u-me translates to) is that he has a socket 775 due to the processors he was referring to.

    The power supply on the other hand is another question.

    You should list your specific hardware specs so we can be positive that we are making correct recommendations.

    I dont want you returning your corvette racing wheels because they dont fit on your vw...
  11. Either way, if you plan on upgrading make sure you have an "okay" budget. If its too tight, cheap components you get might not even be that much of an upgrade to what you have already (and it's not worth the hassle in that case).
  12. How well does the 4670 stack up against the 9600?
  13. 9600GT wins most of the time. This is the best link I could find atm:

  14. Just some questions ....
    1.) What do you plan on using it for?
    2.) What size LCD or Monitor will you use?
    3.) Do you have an OS or will you be picking one out for this system?
    4.) How much is your budget for both the CPU and the Video Card?
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