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I've always had this concern with my computer monitors over the years. I use my computer for gaming, cable-supplied TV viewing and recording sports, word processing, photo processing, DVD playback, the web. While the color crispness and sharpness of images is excellent when playing video games and all other tasks, computer TV quality is quite lacking when compared to a Sony 1080p, 1920x1080 native resolution TV set in an adjacent space. I could be viewing the same TV show and the standalone Sony is remarkably better in picture quality than what's on my monitor.

It concerns me that when seeing the disparity in quality between the monitor and TV set, I think of the price of my $1300 Samsung computer monitor and its $550 graphics card, whereas this TV monitor cost me about the same as the 30"Samsung computer monitor. I assume I hooked up and adjusted my computer monitor correctly for TV reception through Windows Media Center. What gives? I know that I'm probably missing some big consideration. Thanks for any input you can offer.

Asus Rampage Formula MB
8 gigs Mushkin Ram
HD Radeon 4870x2
860 watt PSU
Hauppauge TV 1800 tuner card
Vista Ultimate 64 bit
30" Samsung monitor
Comcast standard cable service
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  1. In most cases it is assumed that you are getting HD channels from comcast because you can get them on your tv. This is hardly the case, mostly because Comcast hides the HD channels in their 600-700 range and the Hauppauge card only has 120 channel cable tuner. Comcast also encrypts all HD channels (other than those that are also over the air (local)), basically requiring you to use one of their boxes.

    Have you tried using regular rabbit ear antenna to see if you can compare local HD channels to your tv?
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