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First of all, Im pretty much new to this whole overclocking deal. Im interested in trying to get more out of my Phenom x4 2.4 GHz cpu but my problem is with my BIOS. My current BIOS is "Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS Revision 5.12 3/25/09 Thats all the info i figured would be important. I did happen to stumble on this info while trying to figure it out on my own:

Information About Your Current BIOS

BIOS Type: Phoenix - Award WorkstationBIOS

BIOS ID: 03/25/2009-RS780-SB700-8A660M49C-00

BIOS Date: 20090325

BIOS Vendor: Phoenix Technologies, LTD

BIOS Version: 5.12

BIOS Size: 1048576

Chipset: AMD 9600 rev 0

OEM Sign-on: Copyright 2009 by Hewlett-Packard Company

Motherboard Name: HP-Pavilion

Motherboard Model: FQ562AA-ABA m9500f

System Name: Hewlett-Packard

Base Manufacturer: MSI

Base Product: Aspen

I want to update the BIOS as i have zero options for OC'ing. I tried the whole program OC'ing but the programs act like its locked out or preventing me from making any changes. If anyone that know a lot about BIOS upgrading/flashing i would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me my avail. options. I really dont have the extra cash to buy a new board or i would just do that. lol

Also, This might be useful:

My Mobo specs.

Thanks in advance for all the help! :)
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  1. Unless you are absolutely sure the BIOS update will give you the options to overclock, I wouldn't update it. Flashing the BIOS can be risky if not done properly.
  2. I doubt that a bios update will do anything as far as options go for overclocking. Seems like HP made your computer?

    Computers from people like hp or dell are not ment to overclock, so they don't have the options to do so in their bios.
  3. Yeah its a store bought PC. I didnt figure it would have OC'ing options. TBH, When i bought it, I didnt even know OC'ing existed. As time went by tho ive found a few places (such as Toms Hardware) that informed me of it. Im not even 100% sure that BIOS flashing is what needs to be done but everywhere ive read tells me that to OC the right way, I need to do it through BIOS.

    Im not looking for extreme overlocking. I have a Nvidia GTS 250 1gig card in this PC right now and everything else is factory and i can run Crysis on high settings using a custom config. I only get around 20fps tho. What im wanting to do is get the extra 'umph' outta my CPU and GPU so that i can do a little more. I also want to OC just to learn about how do to it. Im buying a new PC next month and i plan to build it from the ground up myself. I want to OC it too but id much rather mess this PC up than the one i build. lol So itll be more so of a guinea pig.
  4. Ok well I dont know if this will help but im sure as hell hoping. Ive been up all night searching online and doing everything i can think of. Searching google in diff ways, typing things different, reading everything. All i can think of. WHat ive come up with is that i need a new motherboard. lol Im assuming, New mobo, keep everything else, And i should be able to get some OC'ing options. WHat im asking now is, If i do buy a new mobo for this PC, Keep the Phenom x4 9750, Keep the GTS 250, My HDD, My PSU, and the case im using, Will it be enough of a homebuilt PC to be able to do more with, Or would the CPU itself have to be swapped as it came from an OEM HP?

    Im aware that i have to find a mobo that supports my current processor. I cant just go out and buy whatever board i find, But can anyone point me in the direction of a solid OC'ing board with an AM2+ socket? Im looking into more than just OC'ing tho. Im wanting a board with a good life span, solid specs, The whole 9 for a mobo basically. I know i cant have it both ways, But id like to get a good balance of OC'ing and good everything else.

    Also, Last thing. I have an AMD Phenom x4 9750 CPU. From what ive gathered online about it, It only fits an AM2+ socket. Thats the socket ive been searching newegg with. If there IS something else that determins compatability, Please let me know!

    Thanks in advance! :)

    P.S Happy new year!
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