Windows 7

You wouldn't beleive what i heard

your major midnight supermarket will be selling windows !!!

woohoooooot Microsoft
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  1. And you heard this where?
  2. COLGeek said:
    And you heard this where?

  3. its true they plan to ditribute it with sp2
  4. tekneek said:
    its true they plan to ditribute it with sp2

    OK, but what is your source? Unless M$ lowers the costs of the various flavors of Win7, I don't see sales climbing all that dramatically. Consumers have so many venues to acquire M$ products from now, that putting in the "cereal aisle" really isn't going to help unless it becomes more of a bargain......
  5. well actually it will be placed with the mobile phones in the front counter
  6. Should be a "hoot" if it comes to fruition.
  7. they plan to stop the retail sale of its base product ie home premium replaced by professional. as home premium will be only equiped with a new pc sale with the option to upgrade to a higher standard via tech shops etc
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