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I would like to buy a quiet HDD. I have always use WD and was considering the WD Caviar black 640 GB. Is this a quiet drove or is there quieter?(Is the Green or blue caviars quieter?
I built my PC 7 years ago but now I'm having a more difficult time. Yoo many choices! Too many designation!...blue green black. Holy Sh1te
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  1. The greens are quieter. The black one is 7200 RPM, while the green one is somewhere in between 5400 and 7200. Plus, they consume less power. Mainly because they spin at a lower speed, and also because they are programmed to be more efficient with reads/writes. If its purpose is to store data, the WDC Green is the best choice.
  2. I have always used WD as well but I have read multiple times on this site that WD is slacking these days. The new Samsung Spinpoint F3 is the way to go - I posted a good deal on one earlier today. They are quieter, faster, and run cooler than the ones you are looking at.


    $75 after MIR and free shipping.
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