New 9800 GTX, - Certain Textures are the Wrong Color!

Hi, I am posting this question in the hopes that someone has heard of this before:

I just got a refurbished EVGA 9800 GTX off of Newegg (at $130 - quite a steal). I tested it in Call of Duty 4, and in GTA San Andreas, but when I went to play Portal something strange happened;

In portal, 90% of everything looks like it should, but some wall textures show up multi-colored/neon purple. On top of that, the "liquid" textures all appear to be a dark maroon, where before they were green. The textures look completely out of place due to the colors, but the effects such as reflection and bump-mapping appear to still work. This only occurs in specific parts of the levels, not all the time or even most of the time.

I am concerned that there may be a defect in the card, and I'm wondering if I need to return it - does anyone know what this could mean?

- Tripmasta

Intel C2D E6700
Antec NeoPower 550W
MS Windows XP SP3
WD Raptor 32GB HDD, Hitachi Deskstar 500GB (x3) RAID5
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  1. It could be due to driver. Consider updating or reinstalling.
  2. it's a steam hl2 engine problem when you screw around in your settings. i bet the purple problem is gone when you just restart the whole portal game!

    i have that problem when changing videosettings in game. just restart the game, and you will be fine!
  3. ^+1
    Unless it happens in other (non Scource engined) games?
  4. yes my first +1 :p
  5. I think vochtige has got the right idea. It happens to me too when I change the video settings or start alt-tabbing. Just restart the game and it'll go away. And it happens to most steam games as i saw it with TF2 also.
  6. It hasn't happened in anything but Portal, but I've only had 24 hours to use the card so I can't say that I've tried much else (just CoD4 and GTA: SA)

    - Tripmasta

    If it's just something with the source engine, I am relieved. Thanks!
  7. it can happen when you enable max aa or when you oc gpu.
    common issue i suffered from it but no big deal.
  8. i have the problem on every system i use! it's when changing anti alliasing and resolution. so i think if you restart the steamgame, you won't see a problem again (if you don't change something again)

    so did you try it back? portal
  9. Thanks for the info! Yeah, I tried it again. The problem : I have a <ahem> copy of the game I downloaded, and it won't hold the video settings I choose permanently. So I can't tell for sure if that's the issue, but enough people here have the same issue so it sounds right. Plus, no other games display the problem, so I'm sure I'm OK. Thanks for the post!

    - Justin
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