Please check my HTPC spec

Hi Folks

This is my first ever HTPC build and before I press the "Buy" button could you cast your eye over my choice of components and advise me whats hot and what not!!

I still need to spec ram and would also like to know what cables, fans and general odds and sods I may need to complete the build.

Many thanks

Stu (UK)





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  1. Looks great for a HTPC. The Earthwatts PSU is trustworthy. FYI, all the accessories, screws, etc. come in the case. You'll need a medium Phillips ("Crosshead") screwdriver at a minimum. And maybe a pair of needle-nose pliers.
  2. What about an operating system and RAM?

    Also, you'll want to either get a remote or else change your case to the Antec Veris Fusion which looks like the NSK2480, but comes bundled with a remote and front display.
  3. OS is already purchased, Vista 32 bit Ultimate.

    RAM, well I'm open to suggestions, what would people recommend as suitable ram for this MoBo.

    I have got a remote that I bought of Ebuyer some months ago when I had the first urges of a HTPC build!!

    Thanks for the input so far.

  4. Look into Kingston DDR2-800.
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