What cd/dvd burner to buy?

As my build moves forward, I thought to myself, holly crap I need a burner, then I got looking looking, once again holly crap theres an army of them to choose from and I have NO idea whats important and whats not.

This burner will gets TONS of use for burning dvds, NO NEED FOR BLUERAY at this time. Please make my life a little easier, What good quality cd/dvd burner do I need. They all seem rather cheap, I just want the best one,

I see they are sata now, I didnt know that, I would assume they are much better then the old ata that Im using now?

This is new eggs highest rated, but that dont mean much


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  1. Get a SATA one just to get rid of the nasty IDE cables... and i tend to stick with Sony, Samsung, Lite-on as ive never had an issue with them.
  2. SATA does not give any speed advantage to the drives. However, it is really nice for cables - the SATA cables are much less of a pain than the old ribbon cables. As for which one? Really, it's hard to go wrong right now, but I've always had good luck with Pioneer, Lite-on and LG. That Samsung looks fine too.
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