Is lowering the voltage of ram safe?

I set the voltage of my ram from 1.95v(default) to 1.8v. I set this up because my pc always freezes and i dont know why so im testing something. It freezes randomly without warning while gaming, exploring the net(always freezing), doing nothing(idle mode/ sleeping), and chatting with my friends with cam and mic( it mostly freezes in here). sometimes, bluescreen

Here is my speces
intel dual core 1.8g
ram: kingston 2gig pc 667
video: sparkle 384mb geforce 9600gso
hd: seagate 80 gig

Please help my pc not to freeze. I dnt know what to do next. im monitoring these voltage settings now and i hope that this pc wont freeze again but im worried that it might harm the ram.

Give me some solutions for these.

i already did formatting my pc and scannin for viruses and installing something like tune up utilities but it doesnt change anything. it freezes randomly
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  1. Lowering voltages always is safe, but it doesn't necessarily resolves an issue. Your memory modules should require 1.8V (you didn't provide the part number, but DDR2 667 memory usually doesn't require more than 1.8V). Did you run memtest for several hours to make sure that it's stable?

    What are the complete specs of your system? The type of freezing that you describe can be caused by a flaky PSU. Are all voltages within specs?
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