Is this lag caused by the graphics card or my monitor?

So im watching a dvd on my samsung 970p and i get this weird distrotion. Im running a 8800 OC GT 512mb. I get this disortion whenever there is movement, although its usually not this bad. Thoughts? Thank you!

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  1. Now that's interesting :S It would be really easy to find out if you could try it on another monitor and tell us what happens. Also try several players such as WMP, or VLC media player.
  2. Looks like something isn't deinterlacing it properly.
  3. It looks like monitor issues to me.
  4. If you can somehow hook it up on a different TV/Monitor that will figure the cause out real quick.
  5. well, i tried it on window media classic and it still gave a blurred image, just slighty different then the one above. the image i posted is from VLC.

    I was going to try it on WMP but im having trouble finding a free codec for it...
  6. probably a monitor issue almost all lcd screens suffer ghosting which looks similar to what you posted... although it also looks like what cjl said, that its not de-interlacing properly

    Yes try it on a different tv/monitor... also try it on a CRT monitor/tv if you have one as it will show you whether its your monitor or gpu, if you still see this on a monitor such as a CRT its the gpu... if not its the monitor
  7. The specs for the monitor say it is 6ms (gray to gray) whatever the hell that means, but I assume the actual speed is tleast twice that in color, so it would definately be ghosting.
  8. Well, i tied it on my roommates computer. he also has vlc and a LCD panel....and it still had the funny blurring, so im guessing its a coding issue.

    my main concern was if it was caused by a 6ms transfer speed of my monitor.
  9. In VLC during playback go up to the video option and choose deinterlace and try several of the choices and see which one looks best......that is a de-interlacing problem ,not ghosting,ghosting looks a lot different than that snap.....
  10. Is that a screenshot?

    You can't tell if the screen is ghosting from screenshot from within the program, as ghosting happens only on the screen

    since the same thing happens on yer roommates comp it might be the source movie or VLC itself

    try powerdvd or something as to see if it blurs like that as well
  11. is this a screenshot? if it is than it can't be the screen. I had this issue w/ VLC once, it was deinterlacing problem; try another deinterlacing method from the menu.
  12. this is a screenshot. deinterlacing wasn't even turned on, so im trying the different features now to see what works best.
  13. it could be an issue with the source when it was randered, or an issue with the codac u are using, every one likes vlc, but i do not.
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