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Okay, computer novice here looking for a quick reply.

I just bought myself a new PC (Gateway SX2800-03 Refurb) and it's not big enough to mount my old computer's hard drives. I should have known and purchased an external drive enclosure with the computer, but I didn't. So now I am looking for some advice.

My current HD in the new computer is 640GB, which is fine it won't be removed. My previous drives are both Seagate Barracuda 80GB Ultra ATA drives.

Now my question is: I've been looking around on newegg, mwave, tigerdirect to find the cheapest one with decent ratings. My search has come up with

Now I believe this will work, but I am not 100% sure, and don't want to buy something I can't use, so if someone could give me some advice?

Also, I realize that with the ever growing rate of file sizes and amount of media on the internet now, I should possibly invest in a 2nd hard drive for my new computer, which most likely would be SATA. Since I still have the old computer, and I plan on cleaning out the dust, etc. and giving it to my daughter. I could give her one of the hard drives and keep the other for backup. So should I invest in an IDE/SATA combo enclosure?

Like I said, I'm a novice just looking for a little help so I'm not throwing my money away.

This is also another product I felt was worthy of mentioning, since my second scenario is more likely the direction I'm heading in.

Thanks in advance for reading my post and any tips/advice is welcomed and appreciated.
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    Both will work second is more flexable in hook up. Do your self a favor share or move all your personel documents over to guest or shared. Reason is, you can use it as a take along and plug into any computer but if docs are in administrator file you will not be able to write to, and sometimes even access except from parent computer. It will work well in backing up your daughters computer and such in the other room.
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